Services we provide

TV Planning and Media Placement

KRON team provides in - depth media and market research, planning and placement services based on the specific needs of each client. With the strategic direction prided by the client, we research desired channels against their target audiences. KRON team then executes and manages placement in order to efficiently and effectively deliver the message to the desired targets. Maximum effectiveness and efficiency of each campaign is our goal.

Big Data Microtargeting

While we are proficient in using market research tools like Nielsen and Scarborough to identify and capture audiences, we also work directly with campaigns to identify and target key consumer segments. We have experience with all aspects of Micro-targeting, including traditional research, cookie matching, and identifying specialized ratings for dynamic and customized universes. We are a proud partner with Google, Yahoo, Bing which allows us to negotiate pricing and optimize your campaign to maximum efficiency.

Transparency and Reconciliation

We are one stop shop with full transparency. Your local station contact will explain every piece of your upcoming buy, (if applicable) sets you up with dashboards for live results, and provide monthly or quarterly post buy analysis.