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KRON-4 Brings Expertly Curated Wine to Your Doorstep

 You know us at KRON-4 for keeping you up-to-date on local news in the San Francisco Bay Area. But from now on, you'll also know us for keeping you fully stocked with amazing local wines! Don't worry, you'll be able to purchase your favorite imported Italian vino too. In our brand new KRON-4 Store, we're now offering amazing deals curated especially for our viewers. First up: Winc Wine Delivery. Whether you sip champagne exclusively or are seeking pairing wines to accompany an upcoming dinner party, Winc Wine will help you find the perfect bottle and will even deliver it straight to your door at no extra charge. You'll start by answering a few questions, created to determine the ideal wine for your palate. The Wine aficionados at Winc Wine will then handpick four bottles to fit your personal profile. For those who consider themselves wine connoisseurs, you're free to skip the advice and go directly to choosing from their vast collection. Either way, next thing you know, four amazing bottles of wine will be delivered directly to your door! Additionally, each bottle will come with food pairing suggestions, flavor notes, and insights on the vineyard in which the grapes were grown. To toast the launch of our KRON-4 Store, right now this deal is 50% off! You can snag it today for $26, that's less than $4 per bottle. For more deals, head on over to the new KRON-4 Store. Cheers! 

Want to protect your data from hackers? Start with this.

One of the most battle-tested means of protecting yourself from cyber-theft is with a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN is a secured connection to the web that effectively cloaks all your online activity from everyone — your Internet service provider, the government, cyber-crooks, everyone. 

1. Watch Your Browser Speed Soar By thwarting all the CPU-consuming processes that hobble your connection speed, you’ll browse up to 44 percent faster, use 39 percent less bandwidth and even improve your device’s battery life.

2. Your Data is Safe Disconnect even keeps social networks like Facebook and Twitter from following your activities and collecting data on your internet searches.

3. Your Identity is Protected Your device will have a masked location, allowing you to move freely when you browse, even over services, sites and apps that might be blocked in your native country. Unlike normal ISPs, your name, location, IP and other identifying information will never be accessible to any site you visit - or to anyone trying to watch your movements.You can get the lifetime pass to Disconnect’s service for only $49; or opt for shorter 3-year ($29) and 1-year ($19) plans.Get it here. 

7 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Save You Major Time

When you're as busy as we are in the Bay Area, any gadget that makes meal prep easier is a welcome addition to the kitchen. Whether you're making dinner, packing meals to-go or cooking for a room full of guests, these kitchen tools are a must-. And the best part? They won't make a dent in your wallet.  

1. This Avocado Joy SlicerIs there anything avocado doesn't taste good on? We can't think of anything either. Enjoy perfectly sized, mess-free avocado slices every day with the Avocado Joy Slicer

2. This Handy Corn StripperCorn on the cob is amazing, but getting pieces of it stuck in your teeth during dinner conversation? Not so much. Ditch the mess and opt for this Corn Stripper. 

 3. This Grape & Tomato Slicer If you have little ones at home, you understand the food-cutting struggle. Cutting bite-sized pieces of the tiniest of foods has never been easier thanks to this awesome Grape and Tomato Slicer

 4. This Great To-Go Salad ContainerEating healthy is hard, especially when you're always on-the-go. But with the Salad-to-Go Container, enjoying fresh, delicious salads has never been easier. 

5. These Stainless Steel Herb Scissors Slicing herbs has never been easier thanks to these great stainless steel herb scissors

6. This 4-in-1 Foldable Slicer and GraterThe only thing better than one great kitchen gadget, is four great kitchen gadgets! And with the 4-in-1 Foldable Slicer and Grater, you get just that. 

7. The Herb Mill & GrinderFresh, delicious seasoning can take an everyday meal from good to fantastic. Give flavor to your meals with freshly minced herbs thanks to this easy-to-use Herb Mill & Grinder

5 Camera Phone accessories under $25

 Nearly everyone’s camera of choice these days is their handy-dandy smartphone. Yet despite the crazy convenience of snapping away with your phone, there are a few areas where your trusty sidekick just doesn’t measure up to a DSLR or other professional-grade camera. Atop that list of grievances: phone camera lenses that just can’t zoom in and capture clean images of objects more than a few feet away.However, some cool add-on lens kits are helping close the gap between phones and their more advanced photography cousins. Check out some of the most popular smartphone lens kits available, all at discounts of 26% to 85% with these limited time offers. 

5 Reasons Getting a Good Night's Sleep is More Important Than You Thought

 Now that summer is over, you're officially in full work mode. With that comes stress, weak immune systems and long days—a.k.a. the perfect recipe for sleepless nights. Getting a good night's rest is incredibly important and not doing so can have some pretty nasty repercussions, especially if coffee isn't in reach. Here are five reasons why sleep is so important to your everyday health and well-being.  

Destress With the Welzen App Each Day Thru Five Minutes Meditations

 In today's fast-paced world, many of us are seeking ways to improve our overall wellness and lower our stress levels. This often means eating right and making sure to hit the gym at least a few times a week. But the well-being of our mind is too often overlooked. The Welzen Lifetime Subscription makes it simple to exercise your mind through meditation—because it's not as easy as it seems.Establishing a regular meditation practice can sound like a daunting task, especially if you're a first-timer. The Wenzel Lifetime Subscription gently guides you through daily meditations, plus includes single-subject meditations you can access at any time. You're able to meditate in intervals that work best for your practice and schedule, with the options of 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute guided sessions.Meditation has an incredible amount of benefits. It's known for reducing anxiety, slowing the aging process, improving concentration, creativity, and happiness (to name a few). Once you begin reaping the rewards of your practice, you'll be glad Welzen is a Lifetime Subscription. Plus, right now you can be for on your way to a more centered you for only $29.99, that's 80% MSRP. You'll thank us for this one!