Payments and Ad COPY DELIVERY


Credit Card Payment

When making a payment towards and invoice or as a pre-pay you will need to visit

  • The credit card portal website will appear.
  • Fill in all required fields on the main page:
  • Check whether it is cash in advance or not
  • List the invoice number or the order number/flight dates (if cash in advance is checked)
  • Select the advertising station ( KRON) that correlates with the invoice/order number
  • List the amount to be paid
  • Click “Next”

Once you have clicked “Next” it will take you to a confirmation page to make sure all the information entered is correct. If correct, click “Next” again.From there enter all credit card information. If you want a receipt you must provide an e-mail address on the credit card information screen.Once the credit card information is entered click on “Pay Now”. The card will then be charged the amount provided and a receipt will be sent to you via the e-mail address provided. 


FTP Information

New Spot Upload

Lin Media Northeast Broadcast Center is introducing a new way for agencies, advertisers, and production houses to deliver spots directly into our dedicated server. Some of the features of this service include:

  • All web-based, easy to use.
  • HTTPS (secure), as opposed to FTP connections.
    FREE to use.
  • Ability to visualize all uploaded material.
  • Access to delivery confirmation and approval status.
  • Enhanced communication between station, agencies, advertisers, and production houses.

How to deliver creative to KRON4 TV?


Extreme Reach 877-769-9382

Javelin 877-851-1786

Centaur 212-400-1683

Comcast 800-426-7790

Spot Traffic 800-229-7234

EZ Spot 917-546-9299

BitCentrol Oasis 404-827-4636

Yangaroo 866-992-9902


Commercials may also be uploaded to KRON’s HighTail account at This is fast and easy. If you use KRON or other file sharing services, please email any download links, passwords, and instructions to your KRON Account Executive.

TAPE DELIVERY - KRON does NOT accept tapes for HD spots.